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Giant Swallowtail

Host Plant(s): Wild Lime is their favorite, but they have laid on Hercules Club in my Gardens, and also on Sapota. Wild Lime, which is a Florida native plant, is your best bet, but Sapote is nice because it doesn’t have thorns. I have occasionally had them lay on other citrus.

Nectar Plant(s): Like most butterflies, Giant Swallowtails will feed on almost any nectar source, but I’ve seen them feeding disproportionately on Dianthus, especially Amazon Dianthus, and on Buddiliea.

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We enjoyed our Sunday visit to your butterfly garden. I’ve seen gardens before, but not like yours. I had a visit today from my Giant Swallowtail. Loves the plumbago and a tree….name starts with “s”….has purple flowers. I’m not good with all the plants’ names yet.

— Carol Lancaster · 7 June 2010, 21:15 · #

One caterpillar photo, and two butterfly photos, were all very, very, very, beautiful!!! Daniel.

— Daniel · 14 July 2011, 08:30 · #

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