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Gulf Fritillary

The intensity of the orange on the upperwings of this butterfly equals or surpasses the orange on the milkweed butterflies (Monarch, Queen, etc.), for which it is often mistaken. The easiest way to tell a Gulf Fritillary from a “milkweed” is to get a glimpse of the underwings: The “milkweeds” have orange underwings, while the Gulf Fritillary’s are black and silver.

Host Plant(s): Many Passion Vine species (though not all — I’ve had no luck with the red-flowered ones), preferably in full sun.

Nectar Plant(s): Like most butterflies, Fritillaries will feed on almost any nectar source, but in my Gardens they especially love Zinnia, Lantana, and Penta.


one caterpillar photo, and two butterfly photos, were all very, very, very, beautiful photos!!! Daniel.

— Daniel · 14 July 2011, 14:11 · #

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