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These butterflies have white spots that seem almost to glow.

Host Plant(s): Milkweed. I have noticed that in my Gardens the Queens have a strong preference for laying on White Milkweed, if given the opportunity, though they will also lay on the more common Tropical Milkweed. I’ve never observed them laying on Giant Milkweed, but that could be because they have other choices. I’ve heard that they will lay on White Milkweed Vine, which is a native Florida plant, but I don’t have this in my Gardens (yet).

Nectar Plant(s): Like most butterflies, Queens will feed on almost any nectar source, but Queens (and Monarchs) definitely show a preference for flowering milkweed, which most other butterflies, by contrast, pass up.

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The one caterpillar photo, and the two butterfly photos, are all very, very, very, beautiful!!! Daniel.

— Daniel · 15 July 2011, 10:15 · #

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