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Special thanks and a shout out to Sarah from Learning Haven for calling our attention to a new link that you’ll find in our links, over on the right. It’s How to Start a Butterfly Garden.

Times change, and technologies change. The world has largely moved from blogs like this to social media sites. And we’ve moved, too. Lately we’ve been communicating with all of you using Facebook, and that’s going to be our vehicle of choice from now on. An article or two might be posted here from time to time, but please join Judi’s Butterflies on Facebook to keep up to date with our news.

You can just search for “Judi’s Butterflies” on Facebook, or use this link:


Additional note: A reader named Bella has called our attention to an article by Ava Rose about “the other side” of butterflies — caterpillars! — and having caterpillars as part of your garden. I didn’t know, for example, that caterpillars have 4,000 different muscles (as opposed to just 629 for us). You can see Ava’s article here: https://www.avasflowers.net/caterpillars-in-your-garden-/

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