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The last Open House was a terrific time!

The 10th Annual Open House was the biggest and best ever! It was almost two weeks ago, but we’re just posting now because we’ve been recovering. :)

Saturday we had more than 150 people! Seriously! It was crazy (in a good way). As always, it started with refreshments being set up, and then the people came:

Sunday we had more than 95 people:

In the previous picture, if you look really carefully in the back to the left, you can catch a glimpse of Judi’s mother’s birthday present to her: A beautiful bird feeder with a cedar shingle and copper roof. Here’s a better picture:

We had so many teary-eyed visitors because this is our last Open House tour in the gardens. We had so many offers to help us continue with the Open House including area Garden Clubs, pooling of money to hire help and others. I got teary-eyed myself. It was a hard decision to make, that this would be our last year, but I didn’t want to make a last minute decision (next year, 2019) and disappoint anyone. Thank you everybody, who has supported us in the last 10 years! We couldn’t have done it without you!

And special thanks to those of you who helped this year. Thank you so much to Judi’s sister Janet and niece McKenzie, who came down from Georgia to volunteer, and as it turned out we couldn’t have done it without them, they were so incredible:

And thank you to Viliya for face-painting on Saturday, and Marian for being our greeter on Sunday.

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