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The Open House is over! UPDATED!


The winners of the free raffle are:

Christine S. of Melbourne won the booklets on Florida butterflies and butterfly gardening.

The t-shirt went to Bonnie B of Edgewood.

And the Jabebo earrings were won by Betsy R. of Palm Bay.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Open House is over. It was a great success, despite some rain on Sunday. We’ll have more later, hopefully with pictures, but here’s a story we wanted to tell you:

At 2:00 pm on Sunday, just as we were closing up, three ladies arrived. One of the ladies told us that the previous afternoon, Saturday, she had been in a thrift shop and she saw two little girls whose faces were painted with butterflies. The girls were “dancing like butterflies”. The lady was so taken by their mood that she asked them where they had been and what had made them so happy. They told her they had been to a “magical” garden and had seen butterflies and flowers.

The lady called two of her friends who live in Tarpon Springs, on the west coast, a three hour drive each way from here, and they drove over on Sunday just to come to our Open House. The girl’s didn’t have any of our brochures or Web site information, but they told the lady the general neighborhood, and told her to look for the signs. So the three women drove around and around until they spotted our signs, just before we took them down.

The three ladies stayed for an hour, until 3:00, and we talked.

Others who came from some distance were a entire group from the Volusia County Native Plant Society, who came from the Daytona area, and an exchange student from Italy who came with our friend Cheryl.

We would like to thank the two dancing girls, and Janet and her husband Jeff, who came down all the way from Georgia to serve as greeters on Saturday. And we want to thank Marian, who greeted on Sunday, along with her grandson Matthew. And we want to thank Vilija for doing all the face painting on both days.

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