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Hackberry Trees Available for Sale

At our recent Butterfly Gardens Open House, there was a lot of interest in Hackberry trees. This is a fast-growing, Florida native shade tree, which is the host plant for four different species of caterpillars (Hackberry Emperor, Question Mark, Tawny Emperor, and Mourning Cloak). It’s sometimes also called a Sugarberry tree.

Our local native plant nursery, Maple Street Natives, doesn’t have any Hackberry trees, so I acquired a limited number of very nice Hackberry trees, about three or four feet high, in one gallon pots. For those of you who want one, they are available on a first-come first-serve basis for $15.00 each. You will need to be able to pick yours up. Either click “Contact Me” above, or send me an email at judi@judisbutterflies.com if you’re interested!

These are Tawny Emporer eggs on Hackberry leaves. Notice how they are laid in structures with almost mathematical perfection:

Tawny Emporer Eggs

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