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What are all those plants that you talk about when you do a presentation? You talk about "host plants" versus "nectar plants", and native versus non-native, and what I can plant when I need a bush versus a vine versus a tree... where is that information?

There are host plants (what the butterflies lay eggs on, and the caterpillars eat), which are species-specific; and there are nectar plants (what the adult butterflies sip from). As a rule, if you plant host plants, you will get more butterflies, but since they are species-specific, you may need to plant a variety of plants. If your space is limited, then you can plant general-purpose nectar plants instead.

The following tables each cover host plants (identifying which species the plants are hosts for) and nectar plants, and are also divided by native Florida plants versus outside species. Finally, since you have different needs depending on your own yard and specific places in your yards, they identify the growth habit: Trees versus bushes versus vines versus ground cover versus etc.

Host Plants
Growing Habit Non-Native Native
Annuals/Perennials/Herbs Dill, Fennel, Parsley (Black Swallowtail)
Nasturtium, Cabbage, Cleome (Great Southern White)
Milkweed (Monarch, Queen)
Bacopa/Water Hyssop (White Peacock)
False Nettle (Red Admiral, Question Mark)
Frog Fruit (Buckeye, Phaon Crescent, White Peacock)
Ribgrass (Buckeye, Painted Lady, White Peacock)
Swamp Milkweed (Monarch, Queen)
Twin Flower (Buckeye)
Vines Calico/Dutchman Pipe (Polydamus Swallowtail)
Passion Vine (Gulf Fritillary, Variegated Fritillary, Julia, Zebra Longwing)
Birthwort (Polydamus Swallowtail)
Tomentosa (Pipevine Swallowtail)
White Twinevine (Monarch and, especially, Queen)
Shrubs Plumbago (Cassius Blue)
Trees Cassia (Sulfurs)
Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Sapote (Giant Swallowtail)
Hackberry (Hackberry Emperor, Morning Cloak, Question Mark, Snout, Tawny Emperor)
Paw Paw (Zebra Swallowtail)
Red or Swamp Bay (Spicebush Swallowtail, Palamedes Swallowtail)
Sweet Bay (Tiger Swallowtail)
Wild Lime and Hercules Club (Giant Swallowtail)
Willow (Viceroy)

Nectar Plants
Growing Habit Non-Native Native
Annuals/Perennials Cleome
Iron Weed
Scorpionís Tail
Sunshine Mimosa
Twin Flower
Vines Black-eyed Susan Vine
Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart
Mexican Flame Vine
Beach Bean Vine
Coral Honeysuckle
Crossvine (trumpet flower, pink with yellow throat)
White Twinevine
Shrubs Clerodendrum Butterfly Bush
Clerodendrum Cashmere Bouquet
Clerodendrum Shooting Star (can grow into a tree)
Sweet Almond
Necklace Pod
Trees Spinach Tree

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