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A Visit to the Butterfly Rainforest at the University of Florida

We know, long time, no post. It’s the busy season in the Gardens.

Two weekends ago we had a chance to visit the Butterfly Rainforest at the University of Florida in Gainesville. We’ve been to butterfly farms or gardens in Aruba, St. Thomas (now closed), St. Maarten, Curacao (also now, sadly, closed), and they were all wonderful, but they don’t have anything on the Butterfly Rainforest.

Were there a lot of butterflies? There were so many butterflies, that it was hard to not have at least one land on you while you were inside. This one landed on Judi’s hand while she was trying to take a picture of a different one, as if to say, “Hey, why not take a picture of me instead?” (as usual, click on any picture in this post for a larger version):

Judi trying to take a photo

A Banded Orange:

Banded Orange

Some assorted butterflies:

Assorted Butterflies

This place is way more enormous than any of the other butterfly exhibits we’ve seen. Here’s a picture of the canopy of bamboo growing inside the enclosure, to give you an idea of how spacious it is:

Bamboo Canopy

Some more interior shots:



It has a couple of waterfalls, and a stream that runs through it:


Butterfly releases are done at scheduled times during the day. A trained guide provides an interesting talk:

Butterfly Release

After the release, another butterfly landed on Judi’s arm:

Clipper on Judi's arm

Here are a cluster of Tree Nymphs:

Tree Nymphs

…and a Clipper:


We have a gallery of more pictures from the Butterfly Rainforest. You can click on the “Butterfly Rainforest at UF” link under “Photo Galleries” on the right, or just click here.

Finally, a note regarding creature comforts:

While we were in Gainesville, we stayed at the Cabot Lodge, which was a great place and reasonably priced. We had lunch at Miller’s Ale House on Archer Road, within easy walking distance of the Cabot Lodge, and the food there was fantastic. Finally, we had subs from Hogan’s "Great Sandwiches" (aka “Heroes” — get it?), and they might have been pretty much the best subs we have ever eaten in our entire lives (Hogan’s was recommended to me by a guy who works in a local sub shop and who graduated from UF).

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