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Judi's Butterflies on Facebook and Twitter

Judi’s Butterflies is expanding beyond this site, to Facebook and Twitter. This site and this blog will, of course, continue as before, but blog posts here tend to be long, with many pictures, and relatively infrequent. Facebook and Twitter will give us a chance to make shorter and more frequent comments that might be interesting.

On Facebook, we’re JudisButterflies, and there’s a Facebook button over on the right side of this site that you can click to see JudisButterflies on Facebook. You can Like us there to follow us on your own Facebook page. As an example of what you might see on Facebook, we recently posted about watching an Orange-barred Sulfur emerge from its chrysalis, and included a photo.

On Twitter, we’re @JudisButterflys — note a small spelling difference: The Twitter name ends with “flys”, not “flies”. The “flies” ending was one letter too long, so it had to be shortened. There’s a Twitter button to go with the Facebook button on the right, and you can use that to see our tweets and to follow us, if you like. Tweets so far have been about spotting the first Red Admiral of the season, the Orange-barred Sulfur emerging, and “rapscally” caterpillars.

Finally, each of these blog posts, here on JudisButterflies.com, will have a Tweet button just below the title. Use this to send a tweet yourself, to your followers, about any article, if you feel so inclined.

We’ll see how these forays into Facebook and Twitter go, but we hope that they’ll compliment this site and this blog. Let us know if you have any comments or questions; there’s a Contact Me link in the bar that runs across the top of this page, underneath the banner.

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