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A Great Day!

The Sulfurs have been laying eggs on the cassia trees for over a month now, but only recently have we seen very many other species flying, and no eggs from other species…

…until today!

And today, all on this one day, we found Gold Rim Swallowtail eggs!. And…

Black Swallowtail eggs! And that’s not all….

Giant Swallowtail eggs!

Three species are laying eggs in the garden, all today!

We also saw what we think is our first Dainty Sulfur butterfly, fluttering along close to the ground.

Spring is here! And in Spring’s honor, here’s a picture that Judi took today. It’s a Sulfur caterpillar that has, literally, just hatched out of its egg, and has turned around and is beginning the process of making its egg into lunch. We recommend clicking on it to see the larger version:

Just Hatched Sulfur

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