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A Day to Reflect

Today was the annual Botanical Fest at the local university, Florida Institute of Technology. If you’ve been following the story of Judi’s butterflies, especially this post, you know what that means: Today was the second anniversary of the inception of Judi’s Gardens.

2010 FIT Botanical Fest

Two years ago today the Gardens were nothing more than a half-dozen over-priced plants sitting in pots. A year ago today there were gardens and 359 butterflies raised and released. Today, another year later, visitors have come to her open houses, there’s a Butterfly House that has sheltered caterpillars and butterflies through the cold, and, as of today, just two years after buying those first few plants in pots, Judi has raised and released 1,700 butterflies, on the nose. That’s 1,341 in the past year. Congratulations, Judi!

2010 FIT Botanical Fest

It’s not the biggest plant show on the East Central Coast of Florida, but it’s the nearest to Judi’s heart, so of course she attends every year.

2010 FIT Botanical Fest

These are a few pictures from this year’s Fest. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

2010 FIT Botanical Fest

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