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Two Instars of Black Swallowtail Caterpillars

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Special thanks and a shout out to Sarah from Learning Haven for calling our attention to a new link that you’ll find in our links, over on the right. It’s How to Start a Butterfly Garden.

Times change, and technologies change. The world has largely moved from blogs like this to social media sites. And we’ve moved, too. Lately we’ve been communicating with all of you using Facebook, and that’s going to be our vehicle of choice from now on. An article or two might be posted here from time to time, but please join Judi’s Butterflies on Facebook to keep up to date with our news.

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Additional note: A reader named Bella has called our attention to an article by Ava Rose about “the other side” of butterflies — caterpillars! — and having caterpillars as part of your garden. I didn’t know, for example, that caterpillars have 4,000 different muscles (as opposed to just 629 for us). You can see Ava’s article here: https://www.avasflowers.net/caterpillars-in-your-garden-/

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I love the site and the information. The Garden is lovely and I look forward to my next visit. Fantastic job!

— Lynn Longenecker · 20 June 2009, 17:16 · #

Wonderful picture of the Giant Swallowtail.

— Lynn Longenecker · 21 June 2009, 21:42 · #

hi guys..i am enjoying your website. i am having touble though,with clicking onto the garden photos.
all so very interesting and beautiful!

happy fourth!
see you soon…barbie

— barbie dahl · 3 July 2009, 15:21 · #

I went to the Butterfly Breakfast today and was fasinated with your demonstration. I learned so much. It was fantastic. I couldn’t wait to get home and check out your website. I love the pictures of the Caterpillar Chateau. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you very much.

— Nancy · 11 July 2009, 12:35 · #

I really enjoyed Breakfast With the Butterflies and am looking forward to your open house in August.

— Lynn Longenecker · 12 July 2009, 12:02 · #

Hello everyone. Congratulations Judi on your 1,000th butterfly. That is fantastic. I am very excited, today I found my first gulf fritillary catepillars on my passion vines. Thanks to you and the Breakfast with the Butterfies I know what they are. I am looking forward to your Open House. See you soon.

— Nancy · 2 August 2009, 14:56 · #

You know I love you and that you are one of my favorite persons, but that might change after that terrible photo you posted of me!

— Judi01 · 9 August 2009, 22:42 · #

Hello Judi and Company,
We had a great time at your open house in the butterfly gardens. They are so beautiful. You all have done a fabulous job. The new screen house is so cool and the number of butterflies you have is incredible. Oh, did I mention the lemonade? Very refreshing. Thank you so much for everything. Hope to see you again soon.

Nancy and Bob

— Nancy · 23 August 2009, 17:28 · #

Thanks so much for opening your home to us, we all had such a wonderful time, you have inspired me to finish the landscape in my backyard. The kids have even more of an appreciation for the butterflies now, you showed them things that grandma missed. Hope to see you guys soon! Sandy, Sun Harbor Nursery

— Sandy Ball · 30 August 2009, 20:45 · #

Hi Greg and Judi,
It was great to meet you the other day at the St Thomas Farm. I am so impressed and inspired by what you have done in your own backyard.
Thanks for the nice write up about the St Thomas Butterfly Farm.
Lets continue to flood the world with butterflies!

The Butterfly Farm St Thomas

Sharon · 2 September 2009, 14:28 · #

Thanks Greg and Judi for the wonderful write up of the Curacao Butterfly Garden and the beautiful picture. Now I want to go there!

— Lynn Longenecker · 10 September 2009, 09:59 · #

Nice posts there – thank’s for the interesting information.

Oleg · 30 September 2009, 19:04 · #

Excellent posts, thank’s.

Gard · 1 October 2009, 16:51 · #

Map of Julia distribution shows that you had seen every one in the region. Exaggerated, but not greatly.

This accompanying statement : “Adults forage along a set route of nectar sources each day in a behavior known as trap-lining”
perhaps explains their non-visitation of your garden.

It may be that the neighborhood will have to link to the route.

— phix · 4 October 2009, 17:51 · #

Nice posts there. Thank’s for the interesting information.

Hunter · 12 October 2009, 17:45 · #

Congratulations Judi on raising and releasing 1700 butterflies. The new Hummingbird Garden looks lovely ….can’t wait to see it in person.

— Lynn · 15 March 2010, 11:36 · #

Hello Judi, Greg and family,
Sorry it took so long to write. We just got back from a trip. Wow, the Open House was fantastic. We were so impressed with how your gardens came back (with a lot of hard work) after our harsh winter and of course, Butterfly House. You have so many more species this year. We were very inspired. Thank you all so much for the wonderful experience. We are looking forward to your next Open House. I encourage everyone to return. There is something new each time. Many thanks.
P.S. The website is great. We love the Photo of the Day.The Zebra Swallowtail is AMAZING!!! How did you do that?

— Nancy and Bob · 20 June 2010, 08:43 · #

Judi…Thanks for the fantastic photo of the Pipevine Swallowtail. That must have been a difficult shot to get….you are an excellent photographer. Thanks Again!

— Lynn · 17 July 2010, 09:15 · #

Hello to everyone,
As always we are so surprised at what we get to see at your Open House, but not surprised at the great job you all do. We are huge fans of the Zebra Longwing and to see so many at one time was a joy. You all do a magnificent job and we want you to know that we appreciate your sharing your gardens with us. We can’t bear to miss one Open House and are looking forward to next year already. (Can you take some time to rest first?) Thank you very much for everything. N & B

— Nancy and Bob · 22 September 2010, 16:44 · #

I wish we had Butterflies like this in Reno, Nv.
David from Puerto Rico

— David H Calhoun · 29 November 2010, 19:43 · #

Judi and Greg were wonderful tour guides. They took us through their fabulous butterly kingdom and educated us while we were enjoying all of the sights. You guys are doing a great thing and hopefully your passion will illuminate everyone you touch.

— Dahria and Chris Chasmar · 29 April 2011, 14:29 · #

Butterfly not butterly :)

— Dahria and Chris Chasmar · 29 April 2011, 14:31 · #

I can’t make the Open House. Please let me know when the next butterfly event is planned.

— Lucy Serody · 1 June 2011, 18:11 · #

Dear Friends,
We had a fabulous visit to your garden yesterday. As always we learn so much and are so inspired. The new pond is a perfect addition. Thank you so much for everything: the great tour, the delicious cake (so cute) and thirst quenching lemonade, the lovely gifts and of course- the Great Southern White caterpillars. They are happily munching away. We appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thanks for sharing your garden and again for the wonderful experience.

— Nancy and Bob · 5 June 2011, 11:46 · #

Congratulations Judy on raising and releasing 3900 butterflies. Wow!! Great job! Looking forward to the Open House next weekend.

— Lynn · 2 September 2011, 23:55 · #

Really enjoyed your open house. Picked up a few nice plants as well. It was a very informative tour with beautiful surroundings.

— GWEN CHRISTOPHER · 28 September 2011, 14:10 · #


love your site!

dennis · 31 January 2012, 13:53 · #

Hi Judi:
What a wonderful way to help the Relay For Life program…by donating chrysalis’s to benifit the fight against cancer. I am sure that everyone who has purchased a chrysalis has enjoyed the experience of the butterfly emerging. Way to go JUDI!!!!

— Lynn · 14 February 2012, 23:13 · #

I was gifted one of your Monarchs and love watching the changes in the chrysalis….even bought milkweed, parsley and dill for more. How do I purchase more to release??

— Nancy H · 14 March 2012, 21:41 · #

Hi Judi:

As a member of The Port Malabar Garden Club, I want thank you for allowing us to visit you on Friday 4/27.

What a wonderful expierence, real enjoyment. We need more nice people like you.

— Merle Orlowski · 28 April 2012, 14:33 · #

Hi Judi:

— Lynn · 16 May 2012, 09:02 · #

Hello Judi & Greg, We are so excited to hear your gardens have been designated as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. That is a great achievement. Congratulations! We are also excited to hear about the changes in The Gardens & to Butterfly House. We hope to come by during the Open House.

— Nancy &amp; Bob · 27 May 2012, 09:00 · #

Thank you so much for your hospitality last year as you opened you gardens to me last year after your open house. It was a highlight of my vacation and I love looking at the pictures and reading your blog, knowing I was there! Thanks again, Judi and Greg!

— Melinda · 27 May 2012, 20:24 · #


What beautiful pictures and heart warming story of Relay fo life and Princess Sunni!
How very cool!


— Judy Brown · 31 May 2012, 23:38 · #

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of your butterfly garden. Thanks also for the Zebra catterpilliars that are now on my passion vine. I’ll always remember June 2, 2012 as a truly wonderful Butterfly Day! Thanks for sharing with me.

Judy Brown

— Judy Brown · 2 June 2012, 14:52 · #

I am actually looking for a venue for my daughters wedding next March. I would like to take a tour, and possibly hold it there, if you do rentals. Please let me know if you do, if not let me know of any other gardens I could use. Thank you.

— La Dena Anderson · 7 September 2012, 20:45 · #

After a visit to your garden my lady friend and I became hooked. We have released over 30 Monarchs since May 2012. They are flying all around her house in Satellite Beach. Maybe they are the same ones? My milkweed plants aren’t attracting Monarchs as well as hers. I live west of the river in Melbourne.

— Perry Tafoya and Charmaine Burdette · 8 September 2012, 14:49 · #

Butterfly’s…. My niece, CLAIRE, passed away from Rett Syndrome in Jan. 2011 at the young age of 12…….. We’ve awed at how God keeps bringing Butterfly’s all around us to which we feel is Claire letting us know that she is with us.

I’ve been decorating all that I can with Butterfly’s now with a new Love, Claire always Loved the Butterflys.

So I’m very grateful to find your site to see what else that I can add to my garden!

— Pamela Kubilus · 11 September 2012, 22:38 · #

HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! OMGness!!!!!!!!!!! There have been sightings of Zebra Longwings in our yard!!!!!! We are so excited we can barely control ourselves!!!!!!!!! We have been waiting and trying for a very long time!!!!!!!! This is a great day!!!!!!!!
Hope all is great with you!!!!!
Your friends,
Nancy & Bob

— Nancy &amp;amp; Bob · 1 November 2012, 15:01 · #

HI GUYS!!!!!!!! There have been several sightings of Zebra Longwings in our yard!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited we can hardly control ourselves!!!!!!!! We have been trying for sooooooo long to attract them. This is a great and wonderful day!!!! Thank you for your support!!!
Your friends,
Nancy & Bob

— Nancy & Bob · 1 November 2012, 16:19 · #

Hi everyone. We are so saddened to hear about the missing Zebra Longwing eggs especially since that is one of our favorites we have tried so hard to attract to our yard. It is heartbreaking to think about how they survived since we know they are soooo fragile. Again we are very sorry and we so appreciate you always opening your gardens for us to explore and learn. Anyway, looks like Saturdays may be our new day to visit since our schedule is now more open on Sat. We’ll see. Tell Randy we are happy the pineapple is doing great. It makes a nice treat for the butterflies and people too. Just one more thing- don’t ever worry about not spending enough time with us. We understand and want you to share your love and knowledge with everyone. You inspired us and we are so grateful. We can’t thank you enough. We look forward to seeing you in June.
Your friends, Nancy and Bob

— Nancy &amp; Bob · 29 November 2012, 02:42 · #

Hello Judy and the gang, What a great first ever Winter Open House. It was a perfect day. We really enjoyed seeing the Tiger Swallowtail. So beautiful. As always, you never fail to create a great experience for us. Your hard work & dedication is appreciated. Thank you for sharing your gardens & butterflies with us.
Your friends, Bob & Nancy

— Nancy &amp; Bob · 7 February 2013, 20:06 · #

Hi Judi:
Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic presentation you gave to the e-club (environment) at Manatee Elementary School this afternoon. I am sure everyone enjoyed seeing the catepillars, chrysalis and butterflies that you shared with the club as well as your knowledge of raising butterflies. Way To Go JUDI!!!
Looking forward to your next Open House.

— Lynn · 8 April 2013, 22:06 · #

I wanted to say thank you for bringing such a wonderful experience to Rockwell Collins, My cell DME and I have purchased a number of the Butterfly cocoon’s, that are being sold by the Relay for Life club, Thank you so much, and looking forward to the next time we can purchase more. On a side note I purchased one for my home as well….. again Thank you.

— April S · 1 May 2013, 09:52 · #

Hello Judi,

I am one of the teachers who was at the E-Club presentation who did indeed hang onto your every word and was mesmerized by each and every butterfly, chysalis, pupa, and egg Greg and your mom brought around. I have never in my life experienced such an up-close and personal encounter with butterflies, minus the few I chased in the fields near my home as a child hoping to get a better glimpse at, but never quite stealing a look longer than a few seconds before they flew away on me again.

After your visit to the school, I was eagerly awaiting the open house so that I could share the experience of your amazing butterflies with my own boys, but as life would have it, we were simply not able to attend this weekend. I will definitely keep my eyes open on your website for information about any future open houses, but in the meantime, I did want to thank you all again for taking the time to come and speak to the children. The experience for all of us was absolutely fascinating!

Best Regards,

Marisa Tolley

— Marisa Tolley · 4 June 2013, 20:57 · #

Love what you have created with and for the Butterflies… My niece, Claire Amelia Goodman passed away and went to Heaven at the age of 12… from RETT SYNDROME on 1/30/10. Every time that I stop to share about Claire’s crippling syndrome… a Butterfly comes to join… So I feel that God has sent the butterflies to keep reminding me that Claire still feels and hears when we’re taliking about her…. So I have now decorated our Family room into a BUTTERFLY ROOM Which opens up to our Lanai which continues our Butterfly Room…. but what I’m not having any success with keeping my so-called Butterfly friendly flowers alive in our Hot Florida Sunshine to keep the butterlies fluttering around. So I THANK YOU for this wonderful site and will keep on trying……

— Pamela Kubilus · 25 July 2013, 15:42 · #

Absolutely loved visiting your garden! You have created an amazing paradise for butterflies.

Here is a link to a blog post: http://butterflyladysjournal.tumblr.com/post/60806686822/judis-butterfly-garden


Suzanne Tilton · 10 September 2013, 10:23 · #

I went to the open house today. I also am a butterfly farmer and I loved the garden. A little piece of butterfly paradise right in Palm Bay. I enjoyed watching the kids in the screened butterfly house, adoring the butterflies when they landed on them. Everything was so well done, I really enjoyed myself. Thank you so much!
Jill Spitzer-Cocoa FL

— JillSpitzer · 18 May 2014, 16:08 · #

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